Helping Female Entrepreneurs Launch & Grow Your Business

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Hello lovely! I’m Huda

Most days you can find me helping brands elevate their business through compelling stories, spending time with my lovely husband and searching random stuff on Pinterest (who doesn’t?). I am mostly known as a multi-passionate Fempreneur, photographer and Brandstory Specialist.




People often refer to me as The Brandstory Specialist. I help brands like yours stand out amidst the crowd, and help you generate more revenue at the same time. I’m passionate about helping brands grow (especially those owned by women), and giving an opportunity for women to educate themselves at the comfort of their own homes or working spaces.

I believe that women entrepreneurs are the soul to the economy — we work 10x harder but see less results than men do. It’s not because we’re incompetent, but because women always have a bigger mission in their business. I help you align your WHY with your BUSINESS GOALS so you can get the best of both worlds!

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Globally

My hope is to see more women and children

across the globe have undenied access
to education


i serve the world through education


I believe that every single human being on this planet, regardless of age, status, boundaries, etc.. deserve an equal opportunity to learn. I’m glad that the Internet has blurred the lines of discrimination and allow more people access to education, so long as they’re connected to the internet.

And for those who aren’t, there’s plenty of support around the world that ensures even the most basic form of education is experienced by almost everyone. My dream is to see the lines of discrimination to education be blurred completely, so children around the world can become leaders of tomorrow.

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When I’m not busy working, you can catch me…

Scrapbooking, baking or sipping my cuppa Green Tea Latte at Starbucks. I also enjoy spending quality time, holding hands with my lovely husband. I really enjoy learning and upgrading myself, so I tend to spend time online looking for useful e-courses. And perhaps, you’ll find me soaking my feet in the sand (or waters) at some resorts in Malaysia or Indonesia.


young entrepreneur

I started my first entrepreneurial endeavour at the age of 8. Selling friendship bracelets – for $0.50 each. Customizable.


First phone: Nokia 3210

My first phone was a Nokia 3210. Oh, those were the days playing “Snake” and getting the tail too long for its own good!


Code since age 10

I coded my first blog template when I was 10. I started with HTML, then CSS. Thank God for Page Builders now — such a lifesaver!


First INVESTOR: Daddy Dearest

He invested $100 into my business and told me that I could make it happen. In the last week of his life, he told me that he’s proud of me ❤️


There’s always irony in life

I’m afraid of heights, and can’t swim. Yet, I live on an island city, in a high-rise apartment. I’m aiming to overcome this fear pretty soon!