Why I Started Blogging

Why hello there!

Thank you for being a part of Fempreneur Secrets, where Business Babes Reveal Secrets.You’re here on this blog because you want to know how you can get a life that you’ve always dreamt of. You’re probably here because you want to:

  1. know a little bit more about this woman after having found her article on Pinterest; or

  2. learn more about the secrets we’re going to share in this platform; or

  3. seek inspiration, motivation and solace as you learn how I overcome my struggles in business and life.

If either of the reasons above applies to you, WELCOME ON BOARD! -- You've come to the right place, my lady.Sidetrack... blogging has never been the first option because I don't like to write. Funny how life works, and you're now where you never thought you'd be!

I started this blog to in fact share the importance of self-worth, self-confidence, and determination in overcoming any of our hurdles in life. Often, women are faced with emotional decision we can’t make daily when it comes to our brand and business. At Fempreneur Secrets, we support each other towards our goals, together. We're born into this world for a reason, and the thing we need to do now is to find out what that reason is.

You're The Chosen One

Listen here, Biz Babe! You're the CHOSEN ONE to go through those hurdles you are currently facing in life & business. You've been chosen by Him (or the Universe, whichever you believe in) because He knows you are strongdetermined and confident enough to go through all these challenges!

Your challenges are uniquely yours. As I write my journey in this blog, you may encounter some similarities, but never completely identical to yours. That's just the way He (or the Universe) works. Your challenges are only meant for you!

Look at it this way: You're so special that God loves you so much to have tested you. He really loves you so much to know that you will overcome these challenges! That is the type of love a mother gives a child too, yes? As a mother, we give our children challenges because we are confident they can go through them. We leave a piece of nomnoms on our child's high chair instead of feeding him; He now has the motor skills to grab that piece of nomnom and put it straight into his mouth. We've challenged them because we love them enough to guide them towards independence.

What Will You Gain From This Blog

When I first started this blog, I just wanted to share with others my struggles and how I overcame them. I just wanted people to see that anything is possible when you put your 110% into it. The sharings in this blog is NOT a one fits all solution. It's written to inspire you to create goodness in your life as well. It's written for you to overcome your hurdles as well.I commit to sharing only valuable information AND sexy secrets of business & life to you. Along the way, I may earn a little from affiliate links. If you're not okay with that, just don't click on the links okay? I'm cool with that, coz you're awesome either way! (:You may come and go as you please, but when you do come and enjoyed my sharing, please share so we can all inspire more people towards having "A Life of Freedom".

Who Are You?

I'm glad you asked. At this point, you may think that I am asking about you. This whole blog is meant for me (and my team) to get to know you better so we can grow together.I am Noruyo Huda, founder of three different businesses in Singapore. I run some small projects on the side as well, to pursue my love to help others discover themselves.

My partner and I recently setup Blissful & Co aka Blissful.Asia with the intention to build and support brands all around Asia. When Fempreneur Secrets came about, we knew that it meant going beyond Asia. The world needs every single one of you amazing and beautiful souls in the commerce world, so we can be the leaders to provide income to other people. Throughout our journey, we've identified our niche and are now only focusing on helping brands grow.

Here at Fempreneur Secrets, I've aligned my goals to support start-ups and growing brands whose business function either online or offline.

My photography company, Blissful Studios, grew from 1 (yeah, that's me!) to 1100 Facebook page likes and from 100 to 11,000-page reach in a year, organically. We also sponsored so many services before we get stable bookings. We have high-ticket clients whom we love so dearly as well. We have been featured in a local community paper, Berita Harian and regional magazine, Hijab Fesyen Malaysia. We've also photographed a Malaysian celebrity, Zul Ariffin.

My stationery and design company, Noruyo Creations, grew steadily from a small space in the corner of my room to have its own online store that garners a reach of more than 5000 people in a year. Our products are carefully crafted and designed with so much love that our customers keep coming back for more. We have been featured a couple of times in local community paper, Berita Harian and have guided many aspiring entrepreneurs during this journey.

My Muslimah Fashion online store, Strictly Shawlz, grew from 100 to 1100 in a year organically. We design our own Hijab or Shawlz for everyday Muslimah while maintaining modesty. In our journey, we were invited to sell our products on Zalora. We have been featured in a local online magazine, Mirror, and conducted Hijab Styling workshops to inspire young women to wear the hijab.

I have been exposed to business since the age of 8, guided by my mentor and first love, my Dad. He passed on in 2011, and I encountered enormous amounts of hurdles in my life after that. I had to face many stumbling blocks in life on my own.

One day, I discovered the skills to coach people in emotional woes during my University days. When the coaching session was over, this lady felt so much better and spurred forth much further than before. She ended up getting First Class Honours on graduation day and has landed a stable career in the Public Sector. Another lady suffered emotional distress with so many problems at home and in her personal life that she almost gave up. I coached her slowly and she managed to stop crying. She managed to pick herself up the next day and ended all those matters that made her feel horrible in the first place.

At the point of writing this, I am uncertain if my methods will work for everyone. However, I am certain that it will inspire at least one soul to garner strength and will to move forward in life.I hope and constantly pray that you will get to live a life that you've always dream of.

Much love,