Secret File #027: Why Fempreneurs Should Eat Intuitively


"If you try anything so hard with the right why, you can accomplish it" — Sara Foote.

In this episode, we have Sara Foote, a certified dietitian share with us the importance of eating right to be better functioning Fempreneurs. If you think diet soda helps you stay healthy, it might not be the case all the time.

Listen to this episode as Sara shares her entrepreneur journey and all about intuitive eating.


In this episode, you'll hear about Sara’s secrets to success:

  1. Staying healthy as a Fempreneur

  2. What is Intuitive Eating

  3. How you can start with Intuitive Eating


Listen to the Episode below:

How to Stay Healthy as a Female Entrepreneur

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Sara Foote:

If you try anything so hard with the right "why", you can accomplish it.

Huda Hamid: Welcome to Fempreneur Secrets, where business secrets are revealed. Today, we are so happy to have with us a special guest. She is a registered dietician and nutrition coach, Sara Foote.

So, Sara, just to start off, maybe you can give us a little introduction about yourself, and what do you do?

Sara Foote: I am a registered dietician, which means I am a nutrition expert in my field. And I've been a dietician for almost 13 years. I quit my job at the hospital and have started my own individualized counselling and nutrition coaching online.

Huda Hamid: That sounds lovely. So how long ago was this when you jumped ship from being a full-time employee, all the way to full-time entrepreneur?

Sara Foote: September of 2017 was my last day working, and then I had a couple months where I floundered a little bit, just trying to get used to a new lifestyle.

Huda Hamid: So why this industry in nutrition? Why do you choose to be in this business?

Sara Foote: Well, that started long ago in college. My grandfather had a lot of health issues that revolved around food, and I saw him struggle. That was my starting force is to help older people eat. And then as I got older and more mature, and had my own kids, I saw moms struggling.

They were fearing what to give their kid. They were always judging the foods that they would eat, and it just doesn't have to be that way. So it kind of gave me a passion that I want to help moms feed their families without any fear.

Huda Hamid: You coach your clients to learn how to create a diet plan. Is that what you do?

Sara Foote: Yeah. A lot of times in my industry, people will come to a dietician and say, "I just want a meal plan. Tell me exactly what to eat."

And I can do that, but what I find works best for my clients is to help guide them towards the healthy foods that they'll enjoy themselves.

Huda Hamid: Well, this whole journey sounds quite fun. Were you always in this industry?

Sara Foote: Well, I've been in this industry for a while, but in college I was a theatre major. So I always enjoyed performing and dancing, things like that.

Huda Hamid: I believe you have too young, really energetic children right now. And how's that like juggling your business and your family?

Sara Foote: It's difficult at times, for sure. Kids can be unpredictable, what time they get up in the morning, what time they go to nap. There is the struggle there.

It was so hard going to the hospital every day when I was working for someone else, and I didn't always feel the value of what I was doing. And leaving my kids for 8-10 hours a day and not feeling that value, that was hard.

Huda Hamid: So, was there any event in your life which took place that made you decide that this is the career path that you would take for yourself, being a female entrepreneur?

Sara Foote: I've always had these kind of hair-brained schemes in my head for years of like, "We could do this, we could do that," with some friends of mine, but I just never thought it was possible.

And then actually after my second son was born, I did do some network marketing for a little bit, and I saw how much possibility there was out there.

It just opened my eyes to, if you try anything so hard with the right "why", you can accomplish it.

Continuing to work towards a goal that you know your purpose and what you're doing can just keep you motivated. My husband and I started hustling to pay things off because there would be some time where I wouldn't be making that full-time income.

So that was three years ago.

Huda Hamid: So, what's your secret to success to be where you are today?

Sara Foote: A lot of people say, "I want to do this for my family. I want to do this for my kids. I want to be able to pay for their college, or whatever."

But I think it has to be for yourself. For myself, I want to go out. I want to help people. I want to be able to provide for my family, do experiences for myself.

You have to have that internal sense of drive. If you're doing it for other people, it's much easier to quit halfway through.

Huda Hamid: I have to agree with you on this. I think the whole idea of the why, of why you do what you do, tends to go misguided, because people think that your why has to be globally changing. I think you are right. Do you have any mentors or people that you really look up to?

Sara Foote: Right now I'm just all about Rachel Hollis. She does a live cast every morning that I always catch. Lori Harder, she has a podcast that I love and listen to, and her book. They started from a place of just trying to figure it out.

Huda Hamid: Did you encounter any challenges being a Fempreneur?

Sara Foote: In my field of nutrition, there's a lot of different diets, and everybody has the right one, and go work with this person. And so sometimes my message isn't quite as flashy, because it's just be a healthy life. And so sometimes that can be disheartening at times when I'm just not quite as flashy as this person or that person with my message.

Huda Hamid: So let's talk about what you offer and how it can benefit them.

Sara Foote: The offer I have for your listeners today is a free, intuitive eating mini course, which is 5-10 minute videos that they'd receive. And it just talks to you about how to go to your, kind of, inner voice, stop all of the things that are in your mind, and just be able to listen and actually feel your body, and then know what those signals are telling you.

That's the next part. We can sometimes stop and you can listen, but what do you do now?

Sara Foote: One woman in particular, she struggled with a lot of food intolerances. A lot of the things she was trying to eat were causing her skin rashes and irritations, but she didn't understand because she was eating healthy.

But when we stopped and we looked at her whole diet... And one particular thing was diet soda. She just drank diet soda, and she noticed migraines, and irritability, and skin irritations. And I said, "What if we took that out?"

Sara Foote: And we worked with her on drinking a small amount of this regular soda that wasn't hurting her. Her migraines went away. She was able to sleep better.

She let go of other limiting beliefs, false theories she had in her head about how she should eat. But we need to understand that everyone needs to eat for themselves. There is no one diet plan for everyone. Everyone is different.

Huda Hamid: I do love Coke as well, so I can really relate with this. As an entrepreneur, is there anything that you hoped someone would have told you sooner in relation to this journey?

Sara Foote: Yes, tons of stuff. That everything changes. You have to just be ready to adapt probably quicker than you want to. Once you get used to one style, something's going to change. Just get ready to roll with the punches. And do what works well for them works, and then if it's not working anymore, find something new.

Huda Hamid: What's coming up for your business?

Sara Foote: I'm actually launching a course on intuitive eating. And it's a 12 week course that goes through all of that mental stuff that I talked about, breaking down all the barriers, all the voices in your head, and really gets you open, both your mind, and your taste buds, and your stomach, to eating healthier foods so you can choose it on your own, and you don't need someone to give you a specific meal plan.

I'll also be doing group coaching. People want to kind of get a group of ladies together, and we can do group virtual coaching altogether.

Huda Hamid: So how can our listeners get in touch with you?

Sara Foote: is my website, and everything's on there. I do a weekly email, which always has all of the things. So that's I'm on Facebook at Sara Foote Wellness, and Instagram at Sara Foote Wellness. All very easy to find.

Huda Hamid: I think that everyone should make the decision on what should they eat. So thank you so much for your time, Sara.

Sara Foote: Thank you! This was fun.

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Keep learning and keep believing in yourself because the one and inspiration and just like you, and I'll see you in the next episode of Fempreneur Secrets.


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