Secret File #019: 3 Tweaks You Can Make to Your Instagram Profile

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Setting up your Instagram profile is simple, but optimizing it for success often isn’t. In this episode, I’ll share with you 3 simple tweaks you can make to your Instagram profile that will help you stand out in the crowd.


In this episode, you'll hear about:

  1. The 3 Tweaks You can Make to Your Instagram Profile in under 30 minutes.


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Welcome to Fempreneur Secrets where business secrets are revealed. In today's episode I want to talk about the three tweaks that you can make to your Instagram profile. It's a very interesting and fun episode that you can quickly listen and implement to your own Instagram account

Instagram is probably the most important social media platform that I use for my business and I have so much passion working on Instagram. I love working on Instagram because of the amount of followers that are very helpful in helping me be who I am today and I'm following a lot of inspirational female entrepreneurs and that inspires me to do more with Instagram. So here are three tweaks that I want you to make right now on your Instagram profile. So as you're listening in and if you're not driving, take out your mobile phone and look at your Instagram account and follow through these steps because these are really going to be helpful for you in maintaining a quality presence on your Instagram account for your business.

1. Update Your Profile Photo

The first tweak that I recommend you to do is to update your profile photo. A profile photo ensures that you are a real person and not some fake robot. It takes seven seconds to create a great first impression and on Instagram, surprisingly only 1/10th of that.

It means that you have to capture your audience's attention through your profile photos and you will want to have a beautiful profile photo that speaks to them. So you need someone to be attracted to your profile photo long enough to see what you have to offer in your posts.

Keep it bright and clear. That is my biggest recommendation to you when it comes to your profile photo.

Also, either face forward or tilt your head towards the right. It creates a nice flow to your Instagram account because of the balance that it creates on your feed.

Make sure that it is small and clean enough to be displayed as a profile photo. Got that? So take a look at your current Instagram profile photo. Is it fitting to the description that I have shared earlier?

If it is, great for you. It means that you are on the right track to creating a beautiful Instagram feed that can attract your potential clients.

But if it's not, it's okay. Spend some time planning and thinking about when would be the next best time for you to do a professional photo shoot. Or if not, when will be the time for you to go out somewhere fancy, dress up nicely and have a friend or your other half to take a beautiful photo of you using your mobile phone.

So think about it, plan it, and just update your profile photo accordingly.

2. Update Your Bio

The second tweak that you can do for your Instagram profile is to update your bio to reflect what you do. So here's the thing about Instagram bio. A lot of the time people are talking about themselves like I'm a mommy of two. I love cats or I party, these kind of things.

I tend to see a lot of this happening on Instagram even though you're running your own business. So it's not that it's wrong for you to do that. It's just that it's not attractive enough for your potential audience or potential clients to come into your Instagram profile and look further. You will want to be as specific as you can be and as layman as you can be in describing what you do in your bio.

Let me give you an example. The first thing that you would want to put on your bio is the first thing you want to be known as. So for my case, I want to be known as a podcast show host on Fempreneur Secrets and I've put as exactly that on my personal Instagram account.

I want people to know that I have a podcast show and I am hosting it and it is called Fempreneur Secrets. And then the second thing that you will want people to know, if you have a second job or another passion that you are at in your work, you could write that down. And for my case is I'm filming the brand story SG for your brand. So I put that in as well.

The next thing is you need to have a call to action that is clear enough for your followers to know what to do. So for example, for my case, I put grab three brand template with a lot of down emojis. And in the link a website URL that is part of their profile. I put in the thing that matters the most, which is the direct link to what I'm offering.

Making it clear from the get go, what is it that you are offering and what is it that you do, makes it really clear about you, about your business and how me as a potential audience, your potential clients or your potential customer knows what to do when we stumble upon your Instagram account. Do this little tweak on your Instagram bio right now.

3. Add more Links

The last tweak that I want you to make on your Instagram profile is to add in a Linktree URL for your Instagram account. This is by far, in my opinion, the best way for you to reach out more links or URLs that are related to your business and what you do. So Linktree is like a platform that allows you to add multiple links with just one link that you put into your Instagram profile.

It is free, but if you want to you can pay as well to remove the link tree logo from it. And I did just that and I also added my own domain and forwarded it in so that it looks more professional. So you could do that as well.

And I will be dropping in the show notes how my Linktree looks like so that you have a better idea of what Linktree does for your business and for your Instagram account.

I talk a lot about listening to my podcast and I also talk a lot about downloading the free brand guide and entering the secret vault. So all those things that I mentioned are in the Linktree profile itself.

It makes anyone coming through my Instagram account know what to do and it also helps me get enough traffic moving from Instagram to wherever I intend. The beautiful thing about Linktree that I like is that you can select one of the options or one of the links that you want and are kind of animated so that people or your potential clients, audience will be more attracted to click on that particular button which is like what I've done.

Aside from that, you can add multiple social media handles on your Linktree account so people can see how else they can connect to a few besides on Instagram. They can connect with you to other social media like your LinkedIn. If they want to WhatsApp you they can do that as well. Maybe go onto Pinterest or even to drop you an email. That's just amazing and it's a really cool thing to have for your Instagram.

There are some debate saying that this is against the Instagram rule but there are some that saying that it's a great area that Instagram has not touched on.

What's my opinion on it?

I'm still placing everything on one link, i.e. Linktree. It's like if they are going to see that Linktree is like against the Instagram community guidelines or even against the Instagram rules, then they will want to have to rethink.

If I put my website URL there and I have multiple links on my website, does that make my website not Instagram friendly and not able to be put on my Instagram? That doesn't make sense, right?

Every website has a menu anywhere and those has multiple links. So I don't think this will be a problem for you to have on your Instagram. So just do it anyway, okay. Do it until it's proven otherwise.

I'm sure by now you would have already done a little bit of this tweaks onto your own Instagram profile. See how it goes over the next few days and whether or not this tweaks has helped you improve your Instagram profile.

5-Day Instagram Challenge

So if you want to do more with your Instagram account, I've prepared a five day Instagram challenge for you. It's a final way to implement little tweaks to your Instagram account just like this that will help you create a beautiful Instagram feed. This challenge is a little different than what I've done previously. This five day Instagram challenge will bring you a through the five steps I took to create a beautiful Instagram feed for myself and my clients.

Throughout the five day challenge, you will receive instruction videos with a Fun Sheet for you to work on in our members only area.

So join this five day challenge to create a beautiful Instagram feed for your business. All you have to do is to go to and provide your name and email address, then you'll be granted instant access to receive the first video and then it will continue to appear every day for the next five days.

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Keep learning and keep believing in yourself because the world needs an inspiration just like you. I'll see you in the next episode of Fempreneur Secrets.


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