Secret File #003: 5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Brain Dump

Brain Dump is an interesting exercise that I have been practising for awhile now. It helped me develop 21 Revenue Generating Business Ideas in under 2 hours. Tune in to find out how to exercise brain dump on your own too.

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I never knew such a term as "Brain Dump" existed. For years, I didn't know why I was constantly overwhelmed. My brain feels a sudden pressure and sometimes my head will hurt. Thinking it is a common migraine problem faced by people who lack sleep, I naturally sleep it off. But often, when I wake up, the headache is still there.

Lovelies, believe it or not, our brain is like a Hard Disk Drive. It has a storage capacity, and when it is nearing its capacity, it will start to slow down. I have read so many advice from entrepreneurs to exercise brain dump regularly. Liken to emptying the trash can on our laptops, our brain needs to dump out thoughts and memory as well.

5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Brain Dump via

Now that I have been practicing brain dumping for awhile, I am delighted to share with you

5 Reasons Why Every Fempreneur (You) Should Exercise Brain Dump

1. It gives you a peace of mind

Since we're talking about the brain and the mind, it is easy to say that this exercise will really give you a peace of mind. I am not just saying this because of a book I read that inspired me in some way; I am saying this because I have tried it and it did give me so much peace of mind!

2. It will empty your mind to make way for more creative ideas

As a creative entrepreneur myself, I often struggle to stay creative. Being creative in itself is a skill and it requires a high level of patience, research, and inspiration. The brain can only help you squeeze so much creative juices; once it is drained, there's no way to be creative.

Regular brain dump exercise helps to clear the mind and make space for new creative ideas. No, really!

3. It will help you be structured

This exercise will groom you to be a structured and organized person whenever you are doing your work.

After two long hours of brain dump, I ended up with 21 amazing revenue-generating ideas. Yes, that's 21 NEW ideas! I kept going on and on, even to the point of being able to mentally finalize the cost and the fees to offer. Brain dump may be messy but definitely worth it. Since the brain has so much to let out, it will naturally help you create a system that best suits this process. I did three revisions before being able to smoothly pen down my 21 ideas.

4. It creates so much flow that you will be very, very productive

With the right system in place, the creative juices can now be squeezed effectively. In the midst of my brain dump exercise, I ended up doing two hours worth of non-stop writing. If you prefer typing, go ahead. I personally prefer writing because it helps me feel a sense of satisfaction when I place the pen down. It's so thrilling to know when you can safely put the pen down and call your Brain Dump Session to a close. *Session adjourned!*

5. It keeps you sane

Like I mentioned earlier, a clear mind is a sane mind. When you feel overwhelmed, it is your brain telling you to slow down! Your brain cannot get you to stop (if your brain stops, that's cause for caution anyway), but it can control the other parts of your body to just stop to function properly. That's why we fall sick when we lack sleep. That's a signal from our brains to our body that we are not resting enough. Keep ourselves sane by exercising brain dump regularly. Sometimes, when you are so overwhelmed and have nobody to talk to, exercise brain dump. Pen it down in your private journal, or type it out in Evernote!

Alternatively, if you are emotionally overwhelmed spend some time to meditate. Do whatever it is that helps keep you calm. For me, prayers help keep me calm. As I build my relationship with my Lord, I empty the baggage I have so that I can carry on my life recharged and refreshed.

Now that we've got that cleared out, here's how you can have an effective brain dump session. Go ahead and grab my handy worksheet, with instructions on how to begin. You'll automatically be added to our Biz Clarity Mini Course via email.

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May it be easy for you to overcome your brain blockage towards a path of ease.

Now, head on over to to download a copy of the Get Clarity Worksheet. This worksheet details the steps I took to make exercising Brain Dump a breeze. It's also a fillable PDF, which means you can save the Earth and type as you go.

Share with me (and everyone here) your experience doing the Brain Dump exercise in the comments below! Be sure to include a link to your blog, so we can check you out as well!