Designing Maple Treehouse by Lunaa & Sun

Branding-Mapletree House.jpg

Project Details

Logo Revamp, Website Revamp, Brand Consultation

Personal Involvement: 

Brand Strategist, Graphic Designer, Web Developer



Maple Tree

In Partnership With:

Blissful & Co Pte Ltd



When the owner first approached us, she had a vision of revamping the whole brand. We went through a thorough discovery process, and found that a complete revamp was not wise.

We began by deciding on what needed to be done first: The website. The client was already using Shopify, but was frustrated with the mess that was in the back-end of her store. That mess was created by the previous owner/designer of the site.

We worked tirelessly to clean up as much mess as possible. After trying for a month, we decided that starting fresh was the best way to move forward.



In crafting the concept for the logo, we came up with 2 rounds of conceptualization. We began drafting the concepts around the brand name: Maple Tree House.

The previous logo had a treehouse, and a large maple tree over it.

The client wanted a modern, fresh and minimalist look to the new logo.

We decided to play on the idea of Maple Leaf instead of a Maple Tree. Instead of a tree house, we decided to focus on the word HOUSEinstead. We merged the two together, and envisioned the house as a tree branch.



We chose a san-serif font to match the minimalist & modern theme that the client provided us. Montserrat is a natural first choice. To play with headers, we went with a more curvy san-serif font which is Cabin Regular.



When we came to a decision, the client requested for contrasting colours in a pastel tone. We collaboratively chose peach as one of the colours as this represented the colour of Maple Leaves in Autumn.

To contrast, we chose this navy tone to form accents around the brand.



The patterns were not described by the client. We took into our own hands to come up with suitable seamless patterns for use on their site and marketing collaterals.

The icons we used in this pattern represents crafting, which is the primary industry is in.

The other pattern you see here is a play on the main logo itself.



The images chosen to represent this brand are more feminine in nature. The client’s customer base is predominantly female, and this will ensure they are the right target clients.